Essential Technology Services

Up-to-date technical assets and security are essential to keeping your business or organization running smoothly. We can analyze various aspects of your business technology and make recommendations based on how much you can afford and how much risk you can accept.

Business technology

A technology audit can answer these questions:

  • Should I upgrade my Windows or Office software to new versions?
  • Is all of my office software up to date?
  • Do I have sufficient bandwidth to support all of my Internet and online needs?
  • Should I upgrade my computer systems or convert to laptops?
  • Is it time update my phone system?
  • Are we vulnerable to viruses or malware?
  • Are the smart phones and tablets used in my business secure?

Our training can help you:

  • Know when and how to keep your software updated
  • Learn reasonable practices that will make you safer from account hacking


And don’t forget our business and communications services!

To help you reach your goals, we can:

  • Map out your business strategy
  • Redesign your website and make it easier to maintain
  • Write articles for your blog or website
  • Set up an email marketing system to reach your customers or membership
  • Prepare your organization’s communication plan
  • Help you with branding your company or organization