Communications & Marketing Services

Connecting with your customers or membership is one of the most important, yet most demanding things you can do.  Geospan offers a range of services to accomplish nearly any of these activities.



Create an email system to communicate with your audience

  • Help you choose an email system (MailChimp, Constant Contact, Emma, etc.)
  • Design templates for you
  • Develop schedules for email campaigns
  • Write articles and content for your messages

Build a communications plan

  • Work with your managers or decision makers to develop goals
  • Develop strategies for each communications channel
    • Website
    • Email
    • Social media
    • Public relations
    • and more…
  • Help you monitor your progress


Create or refresh your brand

  • Review your branding goals and strategies
  • Help define your desired look and messaging

Conduct customer/membership surveys and focus groups

  • Work with you to define goals
  • Designs and polish questions and surveys
  • Field surveys and collect results
  • Analyze results and submit summary of results with recommendations


And don’t forget our business and technical services!

To help you reach your goals, we can:

  • Map out your business strategy
  • Analyze your technical infrastructure and recommend options for better performance
  • Redesign your website and make it easier to maintain
  • Write articles for your blog or website