About Us


Geospan is part of Absolute Gravity LLC, a husband-and-wife consulting business.  Absolute Gravity LLC was established in 2006 by Ron LaMee and Katherine Roxlo.  After a 25-year career with the Arizona Association of Realtors, Ron started Geospan to address the needs of small businesses and non-profit organizations in the areas of management, marketing and communications.  We add Katherine's long experience in the field of Geology and her passion for community engagement.

Our philosophy is to put our clients first.  When we commit to a project, we get it done on time and within budget.  If we bring in outside resources, we encourage you to work directly with those individuals to reduce your costs.  However, if you prefer us to do it all, we'll quote you a fair price.



Ron LaMee

Co-Owner & Consultant


Katherine Roxlo

Co-Owner & Consultant

I will work closely with you to identify your issues and determine the best approach to resolving any problems you discover.  I have coached decision makers one-on-one as well as conducted group strategic planning sessions for non-profit organizations in Arizona.  I have also helped individuals through personal mentoring and coaching.

I am experienced with market research, including customer surveys and focus groups.  With years of marketing and communication experience, I can customize a marketing or communications plan for you.

Last, but not least, I am very knowledgeable about computers, security and the Internet.  I have created numerous websites including this Geospan site.  I have managed IT departments and kept my toughest client's (Katherine's) computer running for many years.

To see details of my work experience, please visit my LinkedIn page.

As a Registered Geologist in Arizona and California, I can assist your business with environmental permitting applications and compliance. To limit your risk before purchasing a commercial property, I can perform soil and groundwater investigations.  If you are already conducting a remediation project, I can provide a third party review or provide project oversight.

My passion for civic engagement and community involvement provides a range of volunteer experience in community work.  I would be happy to arrange and facilitate a Civil Dialogue session to broaden views on different issues. If you’re interested in getting involved with your community or if you want to explore ways to promote diversity and improve communications within your group, I would enjoy talking with you.

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